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Marketing Major

Who influences the influencers? Who helps drive trends and shape culture? You, as a graduate with a degree in marketing from WLC. When you choose marketing for your major, you’re choosing a career path with potential to have an impact on nearly all aspects of business. You could even change how people see the world.

As a marketer, you’ll have the opportunity to research human behavior, influence profitable decision-making, invent products or revise offerings, strategize messaging, and communicate inspiring stories.

Marketers work in nearly every industry and influence nearly all aspects of business: product, price, place, and promotion. Consider a major in marketing if you enjoy creativity, communication, research, and/or strategic thinking.

Our marketing major prepares you with a robust business background, including courses in:

  • Economics
  • Business ethics
  • Marketing research
  • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Public relations
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Professional communication
Graduate ready to make an impact

Our marketing graduates are confident business leaders, working in marketing firms, advertising agencies, and within the marketing departments of mid- to large-sized organizations in for-profit, not-for-profit, and service industries. Some graduates, given their knowledge of consumer buying behaviors, thrive as sales people across diverse industries.

Tailor your education to meet your aspirations

At WLC, you can design your education to meet your passions and aspirations so you can be prepared to live your purpose. Our marketing major is easily pairable with our other business programs to allow you the flexibility to craft a college experience that meets your career goals, while ensuring that you still graduate in four years. Consider a double-major by also exploring our accounting, finance, management, and sports management major offerings.

Consider pairing your major in marketing with either art and graphic design, computer science, communication, psychology, or a health science program — paving the way to career paths in digital marketing, data analytics, digital storytelling, pharmaceutical sales, medical device marketing, or consumer behavior and customer experience management.

Whether you decide to major only in marketing, or pair your marketing major with other program offerings, you’ll graduate from our School of Business with knowledge that extends far beyond textbooks, developing the skillsets most desired in today’s competitive business environment.

Our business graduates are highly sought after by major companies in the Milwaukee area, with many actively inquiring about our students prior to graduation. Within our programs you will have no trouble finding opportunities to interview for internships in large corporations, small businesses, or nonprofits. We have a positive reputation of providing interns who are hard working and excellent communicators. We enable you to activate your greatest potential.

Our expert faculty know what they’re talking about because they’ve lived it

Within the School of Business at Wisconsin Lutheran College, you'll learn from business leaders who’ve worked at some of the largest and most prestigious companies on the Fortune 500 list, while gaining the skills and knowledge needed to apply critical thinking and analysis to business trends, organizations, and industries.

More importantly, our business faculty are Christian leaders, who have learned how to excel in the business world without compromising their faith or morals. They are not simply teaching you from a textbook. The stories and insights about how to succeed in business come from real-life experience. You get to inherit those insights directly from the source.

You’ll be set up to succeed. Class sizes are small, TAs are non-existent, and you won't find sprawling lecture halls here. WLC is a place where you develop personal relationships with not only your classmates but also your professors. They want you to succeed academically as well as grow spiritually in a safe, nurturing environment.

Marketing Advising Resources

Connect with School of Business Faculty

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Peter Eppen Business Administration Assistant Professor 414.443.8830
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Gregg Pfarr
Gregg Pfarr Business Administration Assistant Professor 414.443.8928
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Greta Wagner Business Administration Adjunct Professor
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